The funded project Retired Caribbean Nurses & the NHS received funds from The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).  That funding came to an end in June 2015.

The  group of nurses who participated in the funded project (were interviewed, recorded and  ,photographed) chose to continue with the work the funded project had  initiated.

Caribbean Nurses & the NHS an exhibition and oral history project that chronicles the experiences of retired nurses.  These are individuals who were recruited from the Caribbean to the UK from 1949 onwards.

The new formed unfunded community group ‘ Retired Caribbean Nurses Association’ whose objectives are wholly charitable are keen to continue the work of the funded project.    Group members are so committed to the development and existence of the group that members pay an annual membership to the group.  As well as the annual membership members voted to pay a nominal monthly fee to help administer the monthly meetings.   Some members from time to time make  small donations to the Retired Caribbean Nurses Association, these amounts assist to support the group to function daily.

These amounts are not in themselves sufficient to sustain the development of the Retired Caribbean Nurses Association, and help the group to build and maintain the legacy of this important project:

Retired Caribbean Nurses & NHS


The Retired Caribbean Nurses Association (RCNA) would like to request donations from members of the general public to help to build and sustain the work of the Retired Caribbean Nurses Association.

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Please do not make the mistake by thinking that this initiative is receiving continue funding from the:  Heritage Lottery Fund.   Funding from HLF is now at an end.